Wine Review: 2019 Yellow Tail Chardonnay


[yellow tail] Chardonnay

     Run by the Casella Family since 1957, [yellow tail] is a budget friendly wine grown in south eastern Australian. 
     Immediately recognizable for the brackets around the name and cute kangaroo label, bottles of [yellow tail] wine can usually be purchased for around $5. I bought this particular bottle of Chardonnay on sale for $4.99 at my local grocery store.
     Wines at the $5 price point can be a little unpredictable but [yellow tail] has been one of my favorite brands for a long time and is generally consistent in terms of quality and taste. I liked this Chardonnay well enough that the one pictured above is actually the second bottle. I bought the first bottle last week and went back for another one to celebrate my wedding anniversary last night.
     When describing Chardonnay, common terms that are used include: oak, smooth, crisp, buttery, fruity and vanilla. Now, you can't have all of those descriptors on the same wine because several of them are contradictory but I would describe [yellow tail] Chardonnay as smooth, a little fruity, and with a hint of vanilla.  
     At 13%Alc/Vol, this Chardonnay is not as potent as some that sit on a higher shelf at the store but it's strong enough to get the job done and is enjoyable for a cozy evening at home.      


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