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Wine Review: 2021 D.H. Lescombes Semillon

  2021 D.H. Lescombes Semillon      Johnpaul and I received this bottle of D.H. Lescombes Semillon as a gift, and what a great gift it turned out to be! This is the first Semillon I've tried and it is an exceptionally delicious white wine. New Mexico Winery      The Lescombes Family Winery is located in the Mimbres Valley just outside of Deming, New Mexico. The winery has been owned and operated by The Lescombes family since their arrival in New Mexico from Burgandy, France in 1981. Continuing in their family's six generation tradition of winemaking, Florent and Emmanuel Lescombes produce over forty different wines under several labels including Blue Teal, St. Clair, D.H. Lescombes, and Soleil Mimosa. A Top Shelf Semillon      Semillon is a grape with golden skin that is used to make white wines that are both and sweet. At Lescombes Winery in southern New Mexico, the Semillon is harvested in mid-August while it's crisp fresh character is at its peak. Semillon is an off-dry

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