Wine Review: Beringer Pink Moscato


Beringer Pink Moscato

Not everything cheap is bad...

     At this point in our wine experimentation careers, Johnpaul and I have tried just about all of the budget friendly Moscatos from our neighborhood liquor store. We've run the gamut of [yellow tail], Fish Eye and Barefoot and we've also tried some of the less budget friendly varieties such as Cupcake and Sea Glass. Incidentally, from this list, you'll want to avoid the Fish Eye and the Barefoot. If they're the only options on the shelf, save the $6 and just buy yourself a packet of Kool-Aid.
     I've always lumped Beringer in with what I considered to be "the cheap wines", mostly because of the $7 price tag, but I must say that I found this Moscato to be notably better than the others in the same price range.
     If I were a gorilla that only knew 1000 words in sign language, I would name this wine "Oak Nectar" for it's pleasantly sweet and surprisingly woody taste. It is currently my favorite Moscato and hummingbirds would stab each other in the eye to claim the feeder filled with this wine.

Editor's note: Never feed wine to hummingbirds, it kills them.

     While I have no idea how to pair wine with food, I do recommend having wine with food because drinking wine without food looks a lot like being an alcoholic.

      This particular evening, we enjoyed our wine with a dinner of broiled chicken with Brussels sprouts, onions and potatoes. Other important facts include an alcohol content of 11.5% and no headache after two glasses.


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