Wine Review: 2021 Kirkland Signature Marlborough Ti Point Sauvignon Blanc

 2021 Kirkland Signature Marlborough Ti Point Sauvignon Blanc

     Kirkland Signature is the house brand at Costco but, like pretty much everything boasting the Kirkland Signature label, their wines are not generic or 2nd rate in any way. To the contrary, Costco tends to underprice and overdeliver making their wines a premium product with a budget friendly price.
     This Sauvignon Blanc is imported from the Marlborough wine region of New Zealand. Marlborough is the Napa Valley of New Zealand and Sauvignon Blanc accounts for 80% of the region's production.
     While doing a little research on Marlborough, New Zealand I learned that Sauvignon Blanc should be consumed within one year of its release date because apparently, if it sits longer, the wine starts to smell of cat pee. And now you can't un-know that little tidbit. You're welcome.  
      Fortunately, this bottle of Sauvignon Blanc did not smell of cat pee but was very fragrantly fruity upon opening and definitely benefited from having a few minutes to air out. It is light and crisp with notes of tropical fruit and citrus. I really enjoyed how crisp and dry this Sauvignon Blanc is, making it refreshing and ideal for a warm summer evening. 
     Other pertinent info: priced at $6.99, 12.5% Alc/Vol, screw cap, excellent with Dill or Rosemary Triscuits or something fancier like shrimp scampi.


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